What This Means To Me

When my eyes’ve grown tired

Cause no night can’t survive with just a flashlight of hope.








Circus Tree: Six individual sycamore trees were shaped, bent, and braided to form this.

how the hell do you bend and braid a tree

Actually pretty easy. Trees don’t reject tissue from other trees in the same family. You bend the tree to another tree when it is a sapling, scrape off the bark on both trees where they touch, add some damp sphagnum moss around them to keep everything slightly moist and bind them together. Then wait a few years- The trees will have grown together. You can use a similar technique to graft a lemon branch or a lime branch or even both- onto an orange tree and have one tree that has all three fruits.Frankentrees.

As a biologist I can clearly state that plants are fucking weird and you should probably be slightly afraid of them.

On that note! At the university (UBC) located in town, the Agriculture students were told by their teacher that a tree flipped upside down would die. So they took an excavator and flipped the tree upside down. And it’s still growing. But the branches are now the roots, and the roots are now these super gnarly looking branches. Be afraid.

But Vi, how can you mention that and NOT post a picture? D:


I am both amazed and horrified of nature as we all should be

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what im saying is that bisexuals, pansexual, and asexuals should all join together so we can be in the fictitious trifecta. enough people will say we’re not real and we’ll all converge together in a massive, fierce mass only spoken of in myth.  dont come near us or you too will cease to exist


can we include aromantics?


triforce of fabulousness


There we go, a shield to protect against the negativity

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I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

to catch a redditor

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Horor/Creepy/Strange Jewelry. 

Some of these can be found at Etsy. 

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For those who are asking, here’s a link to Etsy page (LINK)

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"Let her speak when we get to the black topics."

Why does this not have a Billion notes!!!!!!

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